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"Over the last five years, we have hired a number of housekeeping services. With the first few cleanings, each company seemed similar in their quality of work and value. Unfortunately, each and every service fell subject to one identical downfall. After awhile, their efforts showed an obvious decline, and their work became so poor, we eventually discontinued their services altogether. In fact, we didn't keep any single company longer than three months, that is, until we started using 4-Senses. We have used 4-Senses for almost two years now for our housekeeping needs, and their work is not only comprehensive and reasonable, but it quickly became obvious this company was different from all the rest. We were thrilled to have found a company that truly prided themselves in their work, each and every time. Their attention to detail and overall workmanship has been excellent from the first time until now, and every cleaning in the interim. We would highly recommend them to anyone...just ask our friends who have already taken our advice and hired them!!!"

Dan and Liz Hampton

Fitchburg, WI

" I've had the pleasure of being 4 Senses' client for several years now. My husband and I continue to be extremely impressed with their attention to details and professionalism.We have taken advantage of the Green Cleaning home services, and find it is truly a relaxing experience to come home to a beautifully clean home with the wonderful scent of lavender throughout the house. We also enjoy the personal touch of the bedroom thank you card and treat to welcome us home. The extra touches make such a difference. When I compared quality and price to other chain home service companies- there really is no reason to pay more money for less service. I highly recommend 4Senses Home Services to anyone who would prefer to spend more time simply enjoying their home."

Lowanna Mobly

Waunakee, WI

"4 Senses has been cleaning our home for over three years. We are extremely happy with their professionalism and the qualityof service they provide. Our home looks, smells, and feels clean when they are done cleaning; and, they are tremendously reliable, which for us is equally as important as how thoroughly they clean. Since partnering with us several years ago, they have called to reschedule their bi-weekly cleaning session only one time. That, in my opinion, is dedication and exceptional customer service!

I highly recommend 4 Senses Luxury Home Services.They are trustworthy, conscientious, and customer-focused. They truly care about their customers, they do a great job, and they are just very kind people." 

Brenda Murty

Waunakee, WI

"You will not be disappointed! I am very pleased with every aspect of working with 4 Senses for the past 2 years and consider myself lucky to have found them.I especially appreciate their commitment to green cleaning products and the fact that they always find a way to accommodate any need to change our cleaning schedule. I have complete confidence in Ewa & Mariusz both personally and professionally and would recommend them without hesitation."

Helen RiIley.

Middleton, WI

"My husband and I have enjoyed the services of Four Senses Home Services for seven months, and are completely satisfied. We have used other cleaning companies in the past, and there is simply no comparison. They are professional, take pride in their work, and are responsive to the requests of their clients. We highly recommend their services to other prospective clients!"

Barbara Clauder

Madison, WI

"I have employed the services of 4 Senses for over 2 years and I can say without reservation that they are the best in the business. We do not live in WI fulltime and thus, we are oftentimes not in residence when they clean. It is next to impossible to find the unique combination of both high quality delivery of services and trustworthiness that 4 Senses provides. Ewa and her husband are uncompromising when it comes to customer satisfaction and we consider ourselves very lucky to have found them."

Diana Backus

Waunakee, WI

"Always on time, and always do a great job. Very reasonable pricing. I like how I can customize my cleaning for my different needs. I am extremely satisfied and I would gladly recommend this company to anyone seeking an experienced, reliable cleaning service".

Linda W.

Madison, WI

"Thank you not just for your great work, but for the care you put behind your work!"

Tom S.

Middleton, WI

"4 Senses Home Services has been cleaning for me for the past 4 years and are totally committed to their work. What I appreciate most about them is their reliability and flexibility. We are often away and they are very accomodating with our schedule changes. Their dependability is outstanding. I don't think they have ever missed a scheduled appointment. They come highly recommended by me."

Jan Zwettler

Waunakee, WI

"We are pleased to recommend the 4 Senses for their very good work in cleaning our condo. We have employed them since February, 2009 to come once every two weeks to clean. They have been through in their work, cleaning our two bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas upstairs and down, dusting everything – even our blinds, vacuuming rugs and washing floors, both kitchen and wood floors each time they come. They pick up throw rugs and clean under them also. They even burn a pleasant smelling candle while they are working and leave a pretty card and chocolates on our bed when they are finished. We are very satisfied with their work. We have given them our condo key when occasions arise when we’re not going be home. We feel they are trustworthy and can be depended upon to get the work done when we are not there."

Rita & Jim Honnold

Madison, WI

"4 Senses Home Services has provided my cleaning services for the past several months & I have found them to be very dependable & efficient. They are open to special requests & are flexible about cleaning products. I am very happy to recommend their cleaning service. "

Phyllis H.

Madison, WI

" It is so wonderful to come home to a sparkling house and well made bed after work on Monday's night - Thank you! "

Amy G.

Madison, W

"It was a summer of too much work and not enough hands. My husband and I called 4 Senses Home Services two years ago out of sheer desperation! Ewa came by to meet us and quoted me an excellent, competitive price. After our first cleaning, we were completely sold! Following a visit from 4 Senses, the whole house smells fresh and clean, and we love the fact that green products are used. Ewa and Mariusz have built up quite a business for themselves. We are continually impressed by their courtesy, professionalism, trustworthiness, and attention to detail. They and their team do a wonderful job, and it is SO NICE to come home to a clean, comfortable house. Call 4 Senses for a quote. You will not be disappointed! "

Jennie Zuk

Middleton, WI

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